4 Tips For a Fixer Upper

Nicole Curtis is the queen of old houses, and she shared some tips with Country Living on how to best start restoring or renovation a fixer upper. We shared a few with you, but make sure to check out the full article here: http://www.countryliving.com/remodeling-renovation/expert-advice/news/a36576/nicole-curtis-buying-restoring-old-house-advice/ 

Lauren Noess/HGTV

Lauren Noess/HGTV

If you've ever daydreamed about finding an old house for a good price and restoring it to its former glory, then these tips are for you!

1. Know your limitations, and your strengths - Nicole says to ask yourself if you have the time or the money. If you have the time you don't need a huge budget because you can learn on the go and do most things yourself. If you're a DIY fiend and have a lot of patience, then jump right in to a big project. If this is your first house, chose something with only one or two problems, not a whole list, like the house in the photo below! 

2. Work with the right people - Make sure your contractor, electrician, and plumber are proficient at old homes. Someone who has only ever seen new wiring won't be as good as someone who often works with old homes and understands what's going on. 

3. Find one original detail and start there - lots of old homes have been stripped of their original details, so if you find one it's a starting point. You can also dig for original blueprints and put walls back in their original places. 

4. If the house has original details, try and keep as many of them as possible. Or have things built to match what is already in place. Nicole would never throw away an original door, because you won't find something new that fits the old frame. For her, original is always the best option!