Ellie's Real Good Food Kickstarter

Ellie Krieger has just launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the pilot of her second PBS show, Ellie's Real Good Food. Check out the campaign here.

We'll let Ellie explain it in her own words!

Ellie's Real Good Food is the new cooking show that fans of my Food Network series "Healthy Appetite" have been clamoring for. Nearly all the elements are in place to make it happen-- public television has already said they want the show, sponsors are lined up, and a top-notch producer and crew are on board. I just need to raise enough money to get the pilot episode done, and your support can help make it happen! 
If you believe in the power of eating well, not just in your own life, but for our society as a whole, I know you will feel good about sponsoring this quality show. 
The minimum goal of $35,000 will fund the pilot and get the show launched. We plan to shoot the pilot as soon as that goal is reached, so the pilot will be completed by mid-November. The stretch goal of $70,000 will fund that plus another episode. Once these goals are met, we already have the funding in place to do the entire (13 episode) series. Woo hoo! 
So many people have told me they are fed up with most of the food and cooking shows on TV today. They are tired of all the extreme eating and contests, and they wish there were a show that reflected the way they really want to eat, that gave them inspiring and practical recipes and realistic tips for getting there. 
Ellie's Real Good Food is exactly that. It's a cooking show that hits the sweet-spot where delicious and healthy meet-- filled with incredibly tasty, easy recipes, and strategies for eating well no matter how hectic life can get.
In each episode, I answer a call from real-world individuals who are facing a personal food-challenge everyone can relate to. Maybe they feel they have no time to eat well, or they have a picky person in their family or they want a healthier take on their favorite comfort food. I will help them (and the viewer!) not only by bringing them to my kitchen where I will share inspiring, easy recipes, but beyond that, to markets, shops and restaurants to find the best choices and solutions for a healthy life.

Every level of backing comes with a different set of great rewards from Ellie, plus you'll get to see this awesome show!