The Sauce and The Spice

Last weekend, the FLUTIE team was treated to a fabulous five-course dinner cooked by Food Network Star and Winner our very own Big Daddy, Aaron McCargo Jr.! Aaron gave us a sneak preview and test of his new sauce and spice products, which will be hitting the market soon.  


It was a chilly night, so Aaron’s signature bold, warming flavors were most welcome! We got to try and taste his three sauces (Original, Seafood, and Southwest) and one spice blend. Aaron explained that his philosophy behind creating the sauces was to give people something flavorful and easy to cook with, while using as many natural ingredients as possible.


It’s safe to say that after our first bites of turkey burger, we were hooked. Each new dish was exciting, but Aaron kept them simple enough to be made as weeknight meals. In fact, he cooked all five courses in the time it often takes us to make one meal! It was such a treat to watch Aaron doing what he loves, and to have him explain how each dish came together.  Kyle served as sous chef for the evening, and said that the best way to learn to cook is to watch a professional. 

We all loved every dish, and are so proud of Aaron for creating his line. I’m sure more than a few of the recipes and techniques he showed us will make their way into our regular repertoire, and the sauces will take pride of place on our countertops. 

The Sauces and The Spice will be available to buy on Aaron’s website soon! 

All photos by Maryann Flutie

All photos by Maryann Flutie