If you started off your summer with a list of DIY projects to do, but still haven’t gotten to them, you are not alone! We have some tips from our favorite home improvement expert, Carter Oosterhouse, to help inspire us to finish those projects before summer comes to an end!

If you want to work on your garden: Carter suggests planning out where you want certain plants to go ahead of time. You can do this on paper, or just create a mental map. He stresses that doing proper research on how much sun plants can tolerate throughout the day is key! Planning ahead will keep your plants healthy and you happy.

If you are planning minor household repairs: Keep a set of tools handy. Carter suggests a go-to collection of hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, drill, saw, sander, glue, and level. If you have all of these close by, small repairs won’t seem like a big deal, and will take hardly any time.

If you’re looking for an easy change: Carter suggests painting an accent wall to transform a room. To make it even easier, paint the wall using stencils. Create a stencil you like, or find a template that suits you online. Just make sure to have the level from your tool kit nearby!

If you still haven’t put in that new patio: Carter says to use string to outline your desired patio space. It’s an easy way to visualize how big your new outdoor area will be. You can measure this outline and bring the dimensions to the store when shopping for materials; that way you know exactly how much to buy.

Thanks to Carter’s tips, we’ll have those projects crossed off our to do lists in no time!