Get Organized for Back to School with Sabrina Soto

Sabrina Soto wants to make lives easier for parents and kids this back to school season. To do this, she has shared some of her top tips for both home and classroom organization. 

Sabrina's first tip is to use color coded clear plastic bags from Velcro to help kids organize their backpacks. In the classroom, teachers can use the same bags to keep art supplies, puzzles, and games organized. 

Next, she tackles a common problem for most of us: the tangled mess of cords hiding behind our TV's and desks. Sabrina suggests using One-Wrap by Velcro to wrangle the wires. Another great use for these is to assign each family member a different color tie to use on their chargers and headphones - no more fights about who stole your charger and what they did with it.

Using dinner napkins as throw pillow covers is one of Sabrina's favorite projects! She uses dinner napkins because they are already hemmed, making it easy to apply the Sticky Back for Fabric from Velcro, stick them together around an old pillow, and go. They are easy to take off and wash, and can be changed based on season, mood, or holiday. Sabrina suggests that teachers make a few for their classrooms to create a cozy reading nook. 

Sabrina is a huge proponent of getting kids involved in both organizing and crafting. That way, she explains, they will know where everything goes and will be more likely to put their things in the proper place. With these great tips, how could back to school be anything but fun?!