Candy Corn Mason Jars

Sabrina Soto is getting a head start on her Halloween decorating! We'd expect nothing less from the host of ABC's The Great Halloween Fright Fight! She posted this tutorial on her website,

Today it is time to bring in some fall decor with an almost too easy craft project that will have your home looking fall ready in no time! I bring to you a super sweet Candy Corn mason jar project, and you can create these in just a matter of minutes! It’s super simple, makes for a great flower holder (dead or alive) candy holder, or just plain o’ decorative! If you don’t have any mason jars, or you just want to recycle that old spaghetti sauce jar, do it! Make these jars your own and jazz them up any way you’d like! Gather old vases and glass bottles in various shapes. Clean and scrub off any labels with Goo-Gone or dishwashing liquid. Let them dry completely before painting though!


So let’s get started on the fun!


  • mason jars
  • white spray paint
  • orange spray paint
  • yellow spray paint
  • painters tape

How to:

Spray paint jars white
Let dry.
Mask off top 1/3 of the jar and spray paint band of orange in center.
Let dry.
Mask off the top 2/3s of the jar and s
pray paint yellow on bottom half.

When I spray painted the orange and the yellow, they took a couple of coats. You want to make sure that it has a true yellow and orange color. You can hold the jar in your hand and rotate the bottle as you go, or if you have a lazy Susan that you can use, that is always a good bet!

Now that your jars are all painted and dried it is time for displaying and decorating! I love adding in some black roses just for a little touch of Poe-whimsy!

Thanks for the inspiration and instructions, Sabrina!