Throw the Perfect Fall Feast

Sabrina Soto loves to entertain, here are some of her best tips for throwing a memorable party this fall!

  1. Think about your place settings: Sabrina likes to put a plastic wishbone at every other place and have guests break them with their neighbors. Almost everyone will get to make a wish. Another cute idea is to collect or buy small pinecones and use them as name card holders. Take the names out, and you can reuse them over and over again. 
  2. Put the kids to work: Have the kids write and decorate the name cards for the party. The older ones can write the names while the younger ones decorate the cards. This will keep them from getting underfoot during last minute preparations, but allows them to contribute to the celebration. 
  3. Make the flowers simple but effective: Sabrina suggests buying one bouquet in the color of your choice and putting the flowers in individual vases along the center of the table. Make sure to keep them short though, you don't want to block the view of the person across from you!
  4. Set the mood: Make a few of Sabrina's favorite throw pillow covers out of dinner napkins and sticky back velcro. Cover your normal throw pillows with napkins that match your theme or the colors of the flowers you've chosen. To make, place the sticky back velcro along the outer edge of the napkins and then stick them together around a pillow! 

For more tips like this, and an interview with Sabrina, check out the Fall issue of Glam Belleza Latina Magazine!