Nurseries Fit For a Design Star

With both Nicole Curtis and Sabrina Soto welcoming new additions to their families this year, we rounded up some nursery ideas inspired by their design aesthetics!

For a Nicole inspired nursery, think vintage. If you still have some of your own baby furniture, try incorporating it into the design. You can update to fit a new theme, but the piece will still hold all of its sentimental value. We think the nurseries below would get a big seal of approval from Nicole!

In this nursery, we especially like the objects displayed on the wood background. Hang up antiques from your own attic, or see if your parents have anything lying around before going shopping.

The vintage dresser can be used as a changing table now, but will be a piece that they don’t outgrow! The old window could also be used as a place to display photos, cards, and trinkets.

Our favorite part about this nursery is the wall of vintage cartoon prints. Using old trunks and suitcases to store toys and books is also a great idea!

For a Sabrina inspired nursery, it’s all about the bright colors and patterns! Pick a few colors and stick with your palette, that way the room will be bright but not overwhelming. We think Sabrina would love the colors and styles of these nurseries!

Putting brightly patterned wallpaper on an accent wall is a great way to add color. Keep the rest of the walls neutral, and match accessories to the colors in the pattern!

We like these pastel wall decals because they work well with the other colors in the palette, and they aren’t too babyish. Always go for a design scheme that will grow with your kids!

This bright and colorful nursery has a lot going on, but it works because neutrals like white, gold, and black are set off by pink and green.

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