Outlaw Chronicles – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Hells Angels

In an interview with Men’s Journal, George Christie, the former president of the Los Angeles and Ventura chapters of Hells Angels, spoke about his new History Channel show: Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels

A&E Network

A&E Network

George believes that this look inside the club will appeal to everyone, especially outlaw bikers. "The History Channel has allowed me to present it through my eyes — an outlaw's perception of what it was really like. This has never happened before. In the past, it's always been through the law enforcement's perspective."

In the article, George discusses what it takes to become a member of the club. One particularly harrowing story involves a prospect cutting off one of his own fingers to impress the current members!

George is an engaging storyteller, and the article gives a good taste of what the show will be like! Catch the show on the History Channel (it premiered with 1.3 Million viewers!), and read the full article here: http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/collection/outlaw-chronicles-true-stories-with-the-hells-angels-20150817 - ixzz3jBoqvnZp