Inside Ayesha Curry's Fridge

Cooking Light did a special on the Fridges of 5 Healthy Celebrities, and featured Ayesha Curry. Click the link to see the rest, and read about Ayesha's fridge below! We're jealous of those double doors!

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry

CL: What condiment(s) do you always have on hand in the fridge?
AC: I always have mayonnaise and ketchup in the fridge! They are great for adding a little something special to sauces. I can quickly make an aioli or flavor my bbq sauce.

CL: What’s your go-to healthy ingredient in the fridge?
AC: My go to healthy ingredient in the fridge is spinach. I sneak it into everything from smoothies to my special spaghetti sauce.

CL: What’s your guilty pleasure fridge item?
AC: [My] guilty pleasure fridge item is hands down heavy cream! I love to add it into soups and to make homemade whipped cream!

Interview and photo from Cooking Light