A BIG Problem

Wether your kids are solving problems big or small, Carter Oosterhouse's new picture book, A BIG Problem, will help them think creatively. Fun Illustrations by Chris Lensch and a funny concept will keep the attention of even the rowdiest of toddlers. 

"When I was little, my imagination was filled with creativity and possibility. I always figured out how to build play spaces, forts in the woods, ramps - it never ended! My new children's book A Big Problem teaches the tried-and-true problem solving process - the same process I've been using since I was young - but here it's wrapped around a super outrageous story. This stimulates both creativity and logic. Children also learn how to work together by brainstorming, building and eventually solving the problem in front of them. In the end, this type of logical reasoning builds strong minded individuals and close knit communities." -Carter Oosterhouse

Find the book here