Fun Ways to Teach Kids Where Food Comes From

Ellie Krieger shared fun ways to teach your kids where food comes from. We have a few of our favorite tips here, and you can check out the rest on her blog!

Grow Something
Planting a seed, nurturing it, and watching it grow is a time-honored way to teach kids where food comes from. Remember that lima bean sprouting in a paper cup you had as a kid? Build on that idea with the children on your life by planting some vegetables and herbs in your yard this spring, or keeping a pot or two on your window sill any time of year. Kids will not only learn some important science, they will be more likely to taste and enjoy food they took part in growing.

Eat Seasonally

Sure you can get most fruits and vegetable any time of year nowadays, but produce tastes best when it is in peak season, and focusing on seasonal produce insures you get a variety of fruits and vegetable into your life, which means a healthy balance of nutrients as well. Besides, waiting for a fruit or vegetable to be in season creates anticipation and excitement around it. It makes you want to take full advantage and get it while the getting’s good!