Must Have Kitchen Tools

With new kitchen gadgets and tools coming out all the time, it's hard to know which ones are really worth it. Ellie Krieger put together this list to help us buy the right things!

1. Rasp Grater - often referred to as a microplane after the most popular brand, these graters work with everything from fruits to parmesan to spices. Ellie's quickly became a favorite tool. 

2. Large Nonstick Skillet - As long as you make sure it's free from the harmful chemical PFOA, this skillet will be your go to for cooking egg dishes or pancakes. 

3. Powerful Blender - go for the best blender your budget allows. In no time you'll be on your way to making smoothies, soups, sauces, and even ice cream!

4. Salad Spinner - no more wasteful paper towels or watery leaves. Bonus, can often be stacked with bowls to minimize the space it takes up. 

5. Steamer Basket - There are many varieties, but Ellie likes the basic stainless steel kind. Steamed vegetables are useful in so many ways, and also healthy. 

For more, check out the article Ellie wrote for the Washington Post