Bernzomatic Find Your Fire Winner!

The winners of the Bernzomatic Find Your Fire Grant competition have been announced! The winner is Detroit Bully Corps! 

Detroit Bully Corps is a leader in the animal rescue community and well known for rehabilitating Bully Breeds. Our foundation is education on responsible ownership, training, breed specific laws and anti-dogfighting. In 2013 DBC moved to 10 acres an hour north of Detroit. After a lot of hard work, the property now has groomed trails and fenced yards to exercise and socialize the rescue dogs. One project we haven’t tackled is a 1200-sq ft barn begging for rehabilitation. With record snowfalls and freezing temps where dogs can only be outside a few minutes at a time, an indoor facility is a must. This grant will help us transform the barn into a year-round training and educational facility to help dog owners, schools, police, and other rescues. We will use the Bernzomatic blow torch to kill weeds, heat paint to make it easier to scrape off, solder pipes, remove rusty bolts and ignite the burn pile. With Bernzomatic, DBC will create a brighter future for all dogs in our community.

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