DIY Hanging Light

Sabrina Soto shared this DIY project that almost anyone can do! Do you have a dark corner in your room, or do you want a little extra light over the bed for late night reading? This is for you. Check out her directions below, and head to her website for more home ideas!

What you need:

Step 1. 
Screw the shelf bracket into your wall. If you have dry wall you may want to use plastic screw anchors.

Step 2.
Wrap the cord around the wall bracket and adjust the length so your light bulb hangs at the right height. You can wrap it around however you like but I chose to tie a knot, shown below.

Step 3. 
Screw in the light bulb!

And you're finished! If you DIY your own, Sabrina would love to see how it turns out. Tag her on Instagram @sabrina_soto !