Terrarium DIY

Sabrina Soto shared a terrarium DIY on her website. Check out her directions below, and find more inspiration on sabrinasoto.com

What you need:

• Brass Geo Terrarium
• Moss
• Succulents
• Sand (I used 2 bags)
• Pebbles (enough to cover the surface area of the sand)
• Shells

Step 1. 

Pour the sand into your terrarium and make sure the top is even. Make little holes in the sand to bury your succulents. Don’t worry if the succulent pots show above the sand, this will be covered by moss.

Step 2. 

Cover the sand with a layer of pebbles then bunch the moss around the succulents so it covers the rest of the pot. Add some shells and voila! You have yourself a gorgeous terrarium!