George Christie in Vice

George Christie spoke to Vice about his memoir, Exile on Front Street: My Life as a Hells Angel... And Beyond. Check out an excerpt below, and head to Vice to get the full story!

VICE: What was it about the Hells Angels and outlaw motorcycle clubs in general that was so attractive to you in the first place?
George Christie:
 I felt there was really a code of honor despite what society at-large would think. These were guys I could trust. I knew if I confided in them or told them something, they wouldn't take it and use it against me. It was very esoteric and closed, and once you were accepted and people knew who you were, you had a real family and an extended home. I could go anywhere in California, and I always had a couch to sleep on, a place to work on my bike. 
It was like one continuous party—and I'm not talking about being intoxicated all of the time. We were coming out of the 60s into the 70s, and that whole counterculture thing was kind of unhinging. Here was a group of individuals who had rules and regulations that you had to adhere to, all about honor and self-respect and discipline. A lot of people might find that hard to believe, but that's what it was all about.