"Old Is Good As Gold"

The Boston Globe sat down with Nicole Curtis last month and got some great tips on refurbishing old homes. We've included an excerpt, but make sure to check out the original article for more! And don't miss the new season of Rehab Addict coming to DIY February 3rd (Today)!

Why is it important to restore homes?
The most important thing is that these homes are one of a kind. We’re never going to be able to rebuild them. We don’t have the tradespeople anymore to do it, we don’t have the materials that these houses were built out of, and you know, like anything else, once it’s gone it’s gone. As the economy gets better, more money floods into our cities, people start tearing stuff down at an astronomical rate. I’ll drive by in the morning and [stare] at a beautiful old home, and by evening, it’s gone.