Carter Oosterhouse

Traverse City Pride

Carter Oosterhouse and his wife, Amy Smart, will be the grand marshals of the Traverse City, Michigan Pride Parade. The parade rolls next weekend, June 25th. 

The parade - which winds through downtown Traverse City starting at The Little Fleet beginning at noon - is the culmination of the week-long Up North Pride Week June 19-25. The week will feature many free and family-friendly activities.

Check out The Traverse Ticker for a complete schedule of events! 

Carter Featured in Delta's Sky Magazine

Carter Oosterhouse and his brother, Todd run the Bonobo Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. This month they are featured in Delta's Sky Magazine. Make sure to pick up a copy if you happen to be flying. 

Delta Sky

Delta Sky

Speaking with the magazine about why they opened a winery in their hometown, Carter says, "We want to be as authentic as possible, to show the wine world that Traverse City is a special place and capture it in a bottle."

You can view the full article here.  

A BIG Problem

Wether your kids are solving problems big or small, Carter Oosterhouse's new picture book, A BIG Problem, will help them think creatively. Fun Illustrations by Chris Lensch and a funny concept will keep the attention of even the rowdiest of toddlers. 

"When I was little, my imagination was filled with creativity and possibility. I always figured out how to build play spaces, forts in the woods, ramps - it never ended! My new children's book A Big Problem teaches the tried-and-true problem solving process - the same process I've been using since I was young - but here it's wrapped around a super outrageous story. This stimulates both creativity and logic. Children also learn how to work together by brainstorming, building and eventually solving the problem in front of them. In the end, this type of logical reasoning builds strong minded individuals and close knit communities." -Carter Oosterhouse

Find the book here

Behind the Scenes: The Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse and Taniya Nayak have been busy filming the upcoming ABC series, The Great Christmas Light Fight. On the show, families compete for a prize by transforming their homes for Christmas. Luckily for us, Taniya has been documenting travel and behind the scenes images on social media!

Thanks for sharing, Taniya! The Great Christmas Light Fight premiers Dec 7th on ABC. 

Carter's Kids Foundation

Carter Oosterhouse hosted the 5th annual fundraiser for his Carter's Kids Foundation on August 7th. 

Carter's Kids aims to increase activity levels and fitness in children by building playgrounds and parks for communities. The children and community are an active part of the planning and building process. After the playgrounds are completed, the children are encouraged to help with the upkeep. This allows them to engage with their community and develop a sense of ownership and care for the space.

Carter says, "From my experience as a young kid building things, there is no greater sense of satisfaction when you see something that you've built being enjoyed by others. I hope to impart that same feeling in our young builders with Carter's Kids." The goal of the foundation is to combat childhood obesity by promoting activity, engagement, and nutrition.

The day started with a golf tournament in the beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, Carter’s hometown. Carter shared this funny picture from the tournament!

The dinner and entertainment portion of the event was not to be missed! Carter’s Kids thanked Carter and Amy for their leadership and vision, and shared this photo of them introducing Andrew Dost of FUN.

Everyone agrees, the event was both fun, and a success. The sold out golf tournament and the money raised at the dinner and party will go towards an amazing charity. So far, playgrounds have been built across America, and Carter shows no signs of slowing down!

5 Cool Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Carter Oosterhouse has a new show coming soon to the FYI Network, and it's all about his tips and tricks on bringing the outdoors into your home or office. We rounded up five cool ways to bring some life to your living room! 

1. Teacup Gardens This is an easy way to display a fun teacup or mug, and bring succulents into almost any space.

 2. Hide your plant pots Pictured here is a canvas bucket covering the large planter, you could just as easily do this with burlap and some twine.

3. Create a Mason Jar herb garden We hate buying a bunch of fresh herbs at the store only to have them wilt before we can use them. Instead, grow your favorites right in your kitchen! All you need is an old plank, pipe clamps, and a few mason jars, as well as a bit of DIY know how.

4. Add fruit to your vase First find an inner vase that fits inside the outer one. Fill the outer with water until it is mostly full, and then place sliced lemons (or limes) in between the two. Place your flowers in the inner vase and you have an easy, beautiful display!

5. Make drying flowers into a display Tie the ends of a bouquet or wreath you want to save with ribbon and hang them upside down from a picture frame or with a nail in a spot that needs brightening.

 Make sure you check out Carter's show when it airs for even more tips and tricks!