Fall Design Trends

Sabrina Soto shared her top five Fall design trends on her website. We've got two of our favorites for you. Head over to her post to see more!

Old Havana

My favorite, as a Cubanita myself, this trend’s rich and vivid colors can be adapted to any space… muted for sophistication and vibrant for the kids. Textiles in tropical prints like banana leaves and large palms bring life to the look. Other major elements include fabulous metals and fun tiles (painted, cement, or tile stickers pictured). Inspired by art deco shapes, this look is both timeless and fresh! I’m loving it all!

1. Cuba Print / 2. Velvet Deco Sofa / 3. Overdyed Rug  / 4. Round Coffee Table / 5. Stripe Throw / 6. Tile Sticker / 7. Palm Leaf Pillow / 8. Scallop Print Pillow / 9. Geometric Pendant Light

Pop Future Pink

Bright and muted tones of pink set the backdrop for this retro modern trend! As you know, I love pink so naturally this trend is one of my favs! The look is all about warm tones contrasted with black accents. Both playful and bright, this trend is great for kids spaces and boasts a 70’s flare. Here are some of my top picks from the trend…

Nicole Curtis in People

People has 5 things to know about Nicole Curtis, and we think you'll love them! Check out two below, and head to People to get the full scoop! 

How Her Troubling Romantic Relationships Affected Her Life
Relationship woes abound in Better Than New. One boyfriend’s smooth talking helped her get her first car. She got mixed up in a questionable real estate deal with another. “I’ve made stupid mistakes with my heart, just like everyone else does,” says Curtis. “I had some great relationships, but unfortunately in life it’s usually the things that are the most negative that impact you the most.”
How She Keeps It All Together
Despite being tested at every turn, Curtis’ drive and focus on her kids keeps the star looking ahead. “As long as you put your family first, everything else will work out,” she says. “I’m happy, the kids are happy so we’re good. That’s all that matters in my life.”

Jet Tila in LA Weekly

Jet Tila shared his favorite Thai restaurants in LA with LA Weekly. Check out an excerpt below, and the full article here!

Heather Platt

Heather Platt

Now Tila has added the title Culinary Ambassador to Thailand to his resume. 
“It’s a position that the Thai Consulate General in L.A. and I came up with,” says Tila. “I don’t think there’s a singular spokesperson for Thai food and I think we need that. We need someone that has media experience, that has journalism experience and has operations experience. My job is to wave the flag for Thai food. When people like yourselves [food writers] that have an audience that want to know, 'What is Thai food?' we’ve got a voice that understands it and that can address it,” says Tila.